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Under CEO Edgard Corona, Smartfit Is an Exercise Program Designed on Improving and Toning the Body

Fitness is a big business in Brazil. It has created a lot of opportunity and is an essential aspect in the country’s well-being. However, there are always difficulties to overcome. Over the last several years, the industry has faced some serious challenges such as costs and the question of quality. Fitness and wellness require a lot of professional energy, but many small entrepreneurs don’t have these skills.

This situation is particularly problematic in cities like São Paulo, which is where most of the country’s clubs are concentrated, but those who aren’t there to have fun often fall victim to having to close their gyms for lack of clientele. Smartfit is one of the leading brands in the Brazilian fitness sector, having evolved over two decades, mainly through the initiatives of Edgard Corona. He is the commander of the Bio Ritmo & Smartfit group.

Since then, Edgard Corona is the CEO and main name of the group. Before that, the entrepreneur was a trained chemical engineer who ran the Corona family’s sugar mills. It also had a chemical laboratory. With a presence in countries such as Mexico, Panama, Honduras, and El Salvador, Smartfit, which also has 40 health clubs, operates in Brazil, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Columbia. Refer to this article to learn more

According to Edgard Corona, the Brazilian market is not different from what you find in any other country. He said, “The challenge is to understand what you have in your market. You need a good intuition to know what your clients are looking for, what your clients will like and not like.” He also noted that while Brazil is a young country, there is still a lot of room to grow. He named some of the current challenges that he and his company are facing. Edgard Corona says the health sector in Brazil has serious problems, including lacking a single college that can teach students the profession basics.

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