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The Story of Luke Lazarus: An Entrepreneur and Consultants Drive to Succeed

Luke Lazarus sums up how entrepreneurs can harness their hunger for accomplishment and passion for others by focusing on their strengths.

Building a business is less about finding your calling and more about finding out who you are.

You can be an expert consultant or a world-class executive director, but if your products or services are not connecting with customers and clients, the business will fail.

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Consultant Services

Lazarus provides a range of different business consulting services, including executive coaching and management consulting.

He works with clients such as business owners, founders, CEOs, marketing directors, and marketing executives, all of whom have one thing in common: they are ready to do things differently.

In addition to his consulting services, Lazarus also provides seminars and workshops for organizations such as universities, school boards, and chambers of commerce.

His services also include a mentoring program for executives, mentoring and coaching for CEOs, and coaching and mentoring for marketing professionals.

Luke Lazarus believes that entrepreneurs are typically underutilizing their potential.

Successful Career

In an exclusive interview with, Lazarus discussed his business and his inspiration behind it.

When asked what type of businesses he would like to start, Lazarus stated, “I would love to have a real estate business or two, one of those luxury trophy properties as well.”

He continued, “I have done many, many big commercial deals, as well.

I’m particularly interested in Sydney in that regard.”

Regarding his achievements in life and business, Lazarus shared,

“I am probably the youngest kid I know who has received a $100 million deal in my area, which was in the sports industry.

The most recent deal is a $300 million deal, so I’ve been very fortunate in that regard.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

When asked what advice he has for entrepreneurs, Lazarus advises them to focus on what they enjoy about their work, instead of spending all their time trying to make money.

They should live their lives, work, and play as they wish because the passion to create value for others will drive them to succeed.

When he is not running his businesses or making public appearances, Lazarus enjoys surfing.

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