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The Journey of Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft is a well-known entrepreneur and the CEO of The Kraft Group. He is also a well-learned person holding different degrees. Kraft joined the University of Columbia and graduated with a bachelor’s in business management. He has loved sports since campus, having participated in the school team.

Kraft has worked different jobs throughout his career, including being a member of the Rand-Whitney Group. He then ventured more into business by starting his first company International Forest Products, which is so popular in the USA. The company deals with paper packaging, and it is considered one of the biggest successful businesses in the United States.

As a lover of sports, Robert Kraft had an interest in the Patriots football team. He ended up purchasing the team after other competitors encountered bankruptcy which opened the doors for craft to be the owner. Around 1994, other investors with the same interest in the team wanted to purchase it, but Kraft declined the deal. He later decided to develop the stadium into an entertainment place where the team could enjoy quality time. Through his leadership, the team has managed to win several games and stay top of the list.

Robert Kraft is also a philanthropist who believes in treating people right and helping those in need. He has helped many students complete their studies by paying education fees. Other charities that he participates in include donating food, clothes, and health care to the needy. Kraft also supports youths who are interested in creating a promising career in sports.

The schools he has played a part in donating to are Cancer Institute, Harvard University, and Columbia, among others. Kraft still invests in other football teams, including Liverpool. However, he did not manage to purchase the team, but that doesn’t stop him from aiming high. He continues to find ways to manage his brand while serving other people. Refer to this article for related information.


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