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The Importance of Investing in Australia’s Future Post-pandemic: InfraBuild CEO Vik Bansal on Why We Need to Get Ready Now

For a relatively young company, InfraBuild has built a strong portfolio of activities, which include supplying aggregates, steel and construction materials to a variety of industrial and commercial customers. It is a globally recognized leader in steel recycling and produces steel sheets, steel bars and coils, and forgings. InfraBuild also focuses on providing solutions for the transportation sector with its innovative new range of products which include premium flat pan vehicle wheels.

With the ability to manufacture goods locally and import raw materials from other countries, Australia could be the perfect location for industries such as clothing and food. There is a lack of skilled workers in the industry which could be a problem for businesses looking to expand in a post-pandemic environment. However, with the right education and training programs in place, Australian manufacturing could prosper.

Vik Bansal’s background is one that few would have been able to predict, as his career thus far has encompassed the largest range of diverse experience. From a youth who worked on a chicken farm to a career in corporate finance and government with TD Securities in Australia, he has always had a passion for social investment and commercial enterprise, as well as a deep connection with the community in which he works.

He began his journey in the food business as a farm boy, working in the poultry industry on a poultry farm, and eventually rose through the ranks to become the General Manager for Supply Chain at South Australian poultry company Cheynes Food Group, where he was instrumental in developing supply chain strategy and driving innovation, profitably.

Infrastructure company, InfraBuild’s new CEO, Vik Bansal has had a long career in the industry and sees plenty of potential. “Infrastructure is such an important component of today’s society,” said Mr. Bansal. Mr. Bansal also believes that now is the perfect time for infrastructure development as there are many trends converging.

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