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 State of German spots-Alfons Hörmann.

Football is not Germany’s national sport, but it’s hard to imagine German life without enjoying it. For example, the country’s biggest national televised event is the Bundesliga. But many people in Germany are not happy with this situation. They have also been dismayed by the governing body of football in their country – the German Football Association (DFB). This blog article examines why this is happening and what can be done about it.

A major problem for German football is that the DFB is far too bureaucratic, and important decisions are made by people who have little understanding of football (or any other sport). For example, the Germans have been trying to introduce a new law that would make it a criminal offense to bet on Bundesliga games. However, this law is so poorly written that it could result in legal action against anyone who keeps track of live scores on their smartphone or laptop. This could make normal fans criminals in the eyes of the law.

This sort of legislation does not come from competent legal minds but from those who do not really understand the implications for ordinary people. Alfons Hörmann is a German sports administrator who was the former President of the European Handball Federation, and he has criticized the Germans for this and many other failings, such as their inability to find a major sponsor for the sport. Alfons Hörmann said that he had been amazed by how arrogant people in German sport appeared to be, which is why he has called for radical reform.

He has called on the Germans to change their approach to the sport because too many mistakes have been made and much damage has already been done. He said that it is very difficult to manage the sports system in Germany at present. In fact, he said that the situation is so bad that it will be very difficult to make progress. But his comments were not just limited to the failings of their organizations, he also pointed out that individual employees are often totally unsuited for the jobs they have been given by their employers. More information HERE:

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