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Roy Beck, The Anti-Immigration Activist

Roy Beck is the president of NumbersUSA and Research Foundation, an anti-immigration group and a long-time immigration opponent. In 1996, Beck founded NumbersUSA, which he called “a non-profit public policy organization dedicated to preserving and strengthening America’s middle class by reducing illegal and legal unskilled labor immigration.”

Before founding NumbersUSA, Beck was a writer for “The Oregonian” in Portland, Oregon. According to his biography, Roy Beck has been a regular columnist for newspapers such as the “Los Angeles Times,” “The Atlanta Journal-Constitution,” and the “Denver Rocky Mountain News.”

The organization initially focused on restricting immigration through quotas and then moved toward advocating for the complete elimination of guest workers.

Beck is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism and began his career as a journalist in the 1960s.

Roy Beck has contributed to numerous newspapers, magazines, and news organizations. He is regularly interviewed on TV news shows and major network programs like the CBS Evening News. Roy has authored a book, On Thin Ice, about his views on immigration and the potential for the American economy to collapse due to the number of illegal immigrants.

Another book by Beck is The Case Against Immigration; it entails offering “credible economic, social, and national security reasons” for restricting and controlling immigration. The author argues that immigration harms the economy, provides an unfair advantage to some immigrants over others, opens up the U.S. to terrorism, and increases national welfare costs.

In one of his books, Roy Beck makes the case that immigrants have increased national welfare costs. He explains that they have increased the number of people receiving public assistance, which has forced taxpayers to pay more so that these immigrants can survive. Beck adds that the legalization of immigrants would only worsen the economy and makes Americans vulnerable to exploitation by other countries. See this page for related information.


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