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Real Story Behind Alejandro Betancourt and Hawkers’ Financial Success

Millions of pairs sold, but how did Hawkers Co. make as much more than they spent? Alejandro Betancourt Lopez took a proactive approach and capitalized on various models hoping that one would provide enough security to make it through to the next stage. The first successful model was partnerships with distributors in Europe and Asia, which could be exploited for timely cash flow and scaling needs. Ultimately, Hawkers Co. found success by building the ―revenue stream (marketplace) of a childhood dream― to create scale without sacrificing product quality. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is an investor with a vision — one who brought plenty of ideas to the founders of Hawkers just in time.

Starting in Spain

It began with four friends who saw a gap in the market and had an idea to fill it, so they founded Hawkers Co. The company had humble beginnings catering to shoppers’ desires of becoming their enterprise through the pleasures and benefits of combining retail with a degree of shop experience. Pictures of Hawker’s locales and social media buzz inspired curiosity among the general public. Soon, strong demand caused the founders to explore retail options beyond traditional department stores.

Social Media Success According to Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

Hawkers leveraged social media to expand its network and gain support while the digital marketing landscape was still evolving online. By creating a vibrant online presence, Hawkers gained the attention of potential customers and competitors. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez sees the social media evolution for the benefits it brings for a start-up just as it does for established small businesses.

New Line of Environmentally Friendly Sunglasses

Hawkers continue the operation begun in Spain and believes a zero disposable lifestyle will retain support in selling more “ecological” products. To do this, they seek free waste materials and recyclable materials while maintaining a corporate footprint that is as sustainable as possible. The objective of Hawkers Co. is to place a high value on customers, strive to innovate, and create environmentally friendly products that benefit customer satisfaction while keeping the price affordable and promoting ownership. The company focuses on providing its customers with an alternative business experience, complete with inspirational retail-inspired facilities where staff is trained to guide prospective customers through their shopping process. It stands as an advocate of small businesses that provide retail alternatives with an elevated experience that represents Hawkers’ responsive corporate social responsibility.

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