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Philip Belamant: Disrupting Payments and Bringing New Tech to Consumers

Disruption can be a scary term if you’re caught unprepared, however, this fear begets opportunities. The purpose of disrupting an industry is not to cause loss of jobs or sunken investment costs as disruptors are looking for more innovative and effective ways to service market needs. Both AirBNB and Uber brought upon massive changes to existing industries and with those changes, opportunity for those able to reach out and seize it.

South African entrepreneur Philip Belamant has risen to prominence disrupting the fintech and “buy now pay later” (BNPL) sectors. Focusing primarily on the historically under-served African market, Philip Belamant has increased the accessibility of modern digital payment services across multiple African countries. By utilizing disruptive financial tools, African consumers even in remote areas have gained access to technologies commonly used across the US and Europe.

CEO and co-founder of the UK-based company Zilch, Philip Belamant is changing the way consumers are able to pay for their daily purchases. Zilch is incorporating lessons learned from Belamant’s successful African digital payments ventures and embodies his simplicity-based approach to business and disruption. “Zilch is akin to what Zoom did to Skype. We go direct to the customer and let them pay over time anywhere” says Belamant. By focusing on his customer’s best interests, Belamant has built multiple successful payment companies and has found a far easier time dealing with regulatory authorities.

By taking a proactive approach to regulation and engaging regulators directly, both Belamant and regulators are able to come to the best outcome for the end consumers. This customer centered approach has allowed Philip Belamant to continually disrupt the payments industry successfully and have real world impacts on the lives of his clients. The combination of skills and value delivered will put Belamant’s companies on track for continued growth and success.

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