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Molekule – The Air Purifier With a Difference

Clean air can directly impact the quality of your sleep in either a positive or negative way. Sneezing or having a stuffy nose when you wake up may signify that you need to clean the air in your room. The Molekule Air purifier works by helping its users improve air quality and combat all the pollutants in the air.

Most air purifiers use HEPA filtration technology to clean the air, while the Molekule uses PECO filters. PECO stands for Photo Electrochemical Oxidation which is a technology that uses free radicals to oxidize pollutants. The use of nanotechnology allows PECO to destroy pollutants that are 1000 times smaller than what a HEPA filter can destroy. It also eliminates organic compounds, which is an option that other air purifiers do not offer.

The Molekule has a very stylish and sleek look, and setting it up is a straightforward process. Another advantage of the Molekule Air purifier is that it has a silent mode option. This allows the user to have a peaceful sleep as they breathe in clean air. It also comes in a mini Molekule, ideal for smaller rooms and bedrooms as it takes up lesser energy and space. The Molekule mini also uses the PECO filter technology, only that it is in a smaller package.

The Molekule air purifier offers you a better and deeper sleep. It is very effective due to its PECO filters and allows its users a good night sleep with fewer sneezing routines. This makes it a worthwhile investment.

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