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 Mahmoud Khattab on How He Started Precision M.D.

Precision M.D. is a small business located in the Golden State whose CEO is Mahmoud Khattab. The small business employs between 18 and 20 employees, and it offers unequaled services in the field of cosmetic surgery. Khattab spent the greater part of his past decades perfecting his field of practice, which was his dream career.

Mahmoud Khattab came to America after graduating from the University of Damascus in Syria. He came with profound aspirations and experience to offer great services in the medical field. In America, he attended Case Western Hospital located in Cleveland, which is a prestigious institution with exceptional facilities in the country. The role in pursuing the medical field by Khattab was significant, but he wanted more specialty in a certain field. In addition, he wanted to pursue a field that would make people happy, and he came to the conclusion that plastic surgery was the field.

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Khattab built Precision M.D. from scratch as he bought the equipment and hired the employees. However, all that was not an overnight success. He started with a single office and advanced bit by bit until where he stands today. He made significant forefront investments in the project. While for some professionals, starting a business may be setting it up and then moving aside and watching it flourish, for Khattab, he had to manage his business by himself during the day. It is not easy to start a business related to the medical field, so Khattab concentrates his efforts on ensuring that his clients are happy. Khattab has effective leadership skills; therefore, he stands out.

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