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Learn About the San Diego based Entrepreneur, Jason Hughes

Jason Hughes is a California resident who pursued his business administration degree from the University of Pepperdine. Following his graduation, he returned to work at Cushman & Wakefield. Successful CEO and entrepreneur Jason Hughes later moved to San Diego, California, where he pursued his Master’s degree. From 1995 to 2011, Jason Hughes served as the Irving Hughes company’s president with huge success.


In 2011, CEO and business expert Jason Hughes and his business partner and wife, Shay, founded Hughes Marino, a buyer and tenant representation business. While running and co-owning the company, Hedges embarked on academic settings multiple times, where he pursued several executive training programs. These Universities included San Diego, Los Angeles, California, Harvard University, etc. 


In addition, Jason Hughes serves as the firm’s chief executive officer and chairman. Under his world-class leadership, the company has grown to be one of the most prominent companies in San Diego. Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm has also expanded its operations and has gained the top position in a tenant and buyer representation organization within the US.


The firm has numerous regional offices on the West Coast, and Fortune magazine has ranked Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm as one of the top excellent workspaces in the United States. Led by Jason Hughes, the company mainly focuses on personalization and transparency, which has helped it gain an unquestionable reputation among business partners and clients. 


Jason Hughes has always fronted several of California’s most substantial tenant lease dealings, including massive contractual agreements. He is eloquent in negotiating complex leases, an expert in lease accounting, project finance negotiations, lease restructuring, and many more. With his years of experience, Jason Hughes has spearheaded the lease negotiation and purchase of hotels, condominiums, buildings, and high-rise offices.

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