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Laura Rea Dickey and her business empire

Laura Rea Dickey is a reputable business leader and has demonstrated her skills at Dickey’s Barbecue, where she is the CEO. It was her efforts that led to the introduction of data-driven technology to the company. She has influenced growth at the company, which now owns more than 400 branches, distributed in 46 states. What more, the organization boasts owning two international stores. The market giant has plans to establish more franchises in the future.

The company had fully blossomed by 2017, prompting the management team to introduce new approaches. The process saw Roland Jr. assume the role of the CEO to serve Dickey’s Capital Group. On the other hand, Laura Rea took over the leadership of the Barbecue as the CEO. She plaid the primary role of introducing new technology to handle data at the organization, making her the best candidate to take that role.

Laura’s skills in information technology played a significant role in bringing the company to the top of its capacity. She made sure the business did not lag, as technology was quickly taking charge of the industry. With the introduction of data-driven innovation, Dickey barbecue became more superior, maintaining its position as the market leader.

Laura brought a significant breakthrough when she introduced a consumer app. She also made Amazon voice technology a reality in the organization. The innovation boosted sales and improved the profile of the company.

Through serving the company diligently, Laura has received multiple accolades, locally and Nationally. It all started in 2015, when her name appeared on the list of Top Women Technology, courtesy of the Dallas Business newsletter. She also entered the Top 500 CEOs list in 2019, highlighted by the D Journal. In addition, the business leader has ranked among the Top 25 Movers and Shakers for four consecutive years. She has made a name in the industry, confirmed by the number of awards she has continued to win from reputable media houses and organizations.

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