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Juan Monteverde Law Journey

As a business person who wants to dive into mergers and acquisitions, there are those terms that you may fail to understand. Having a lawyer to help you navigate the process and ensure that the process is smooth is vital. In New York City, Juan Monteverde is the attorney to turn to when in need of such services.

Juan Monteverde has had several recognitions in his field. Juan has been selected as a New York Rising Star in Securities Litigation and a Top Rated Lawyer by Super Lawyers and Martindale-Hubbell, respectively.

Juan Monteverde’s skills in his field result from the degree in Finance that he got from California State University and the J.D. he pursued at that St. Thomas University School of Law. Juan founded Monteverde & Associates PC when he decided to venture independently and managed at the firm. The firm primarily deals with the representation of shareholders facing financial damages.

In an interview, Juan Monteverde reveals how he started his law firm. He says that he had worked for various firms for over ten years before venturing on his own. Having worked for over a decade in this field, he understood shareholders’ rights and could navigate security law. As such, most of his cases have had a favorable outcome increasing his popularity in the field. He further revealed that his earning is a result of the outcome of his client’s cases. As a result, only favorable outcomes for his clients generate income for his business.

Juan Monteverde explains the importance of having a good relationship with past employers and firms. He says that the good relationship he had in the past firms he worked for gave him a step ahead since they allowed him to leave with cases he was already working on. As a result, his law firm enjoyed early success.

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