Joseph Ashford of K4 Global

The story of Joseph Ashford, the Founder, and CEO of K4 Global. From its humble start in a neighborhood garage to the 250 employees global organization it has become, K4 Global is the leader in providing non-emergency transportation for people with disabilities (NEMT), serving over 100,000 people each day. Mr. Ashford started his entrepreneurial journey with an idea – perhaps a revolutionary idea: 24/7 live agent telephone call centers as a business line. At age 23, he had zero capital or experience running a business, but managed to get family members to loan him what he needed to launch a company based on this idea. 2 years later, they secured $10 million in financing from UBS Capital America; 2 years after that they found their 3rd subsidiary – Integral Care (ICare) – providing NEMT services throughout Texas, primarily for Medicaid recipients. His success in other areas allowed him to pivot his entire focus to healthcare and NEMT precisely when it showed promise due to the expected expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). At about that same time, Uber and Lift entered the fray and started using their “gig economy” drivers to offer NEMT services via the third party. Joseph Ashford started his construction business, K4 in Bournemouth, more than 20 years ago with a vision to bring an equitable end to the construction industry. Joseph believed that he could be a bridge between contractors and the construction community, an entrepreneur at heart.

Joseph Ashford has completed several projects in and around the Houston area as a general contractor. K4 Global is one of the fastest-growing corporations in the United States. Josef Ashford is the Founder and CEO of K4 in Bournemouth, a consulting firm that connects global companies with opportunities in emerging markets. Under his leadership, K4 has developed effective strategies to help clients connect with high-profile partners and gain new customers. The company provides measurable results for small businesses, multi-national corporations, nonprofits, and professional associations. In this role, Ashford leverages his experience in big data and business development—along with cultural differences between countries—to create global growth opportunities and more