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Importance of Cloud Inventory

In the modern-day, businesses are quickly evolving with so many changes. For this reason, every organization requires to keep abreast with the changes. One way of doing this is Cloud Inventory Management by DSI Global. The warehouse of the future is not a physical location but a virtual location.

Cloud inventory takes shape using technology to track assets, consignment materials, job site materials outside and inside the warehouse in real-time, offline and online. The solution is on a flexible non-code system that allows customers to adapt to the supply chain as their businesses quickly evolves.

The new release of Cloud Inventory brings a transformative aspect of inventory control for the supply chain leaders.

Cloud Inventory has several benefits

  • It offers powerful standard applications addressing field inventory warehousing and manufacturing needs.
  • It provides insights on the dashboard to monitor and enhance the supply chain process.
  • Easy configuration of the system platform without consulting and hiring expensive programmers.

With the recent disruptions in the supply chain industry, most companies have improved inventory management. Cloud Inventory is the perfect solution because of its flexibility to control the supply chain process.

The robust solutions of Cloud Inventory help clients to increase productivity, inventory optimization and revenue generation.

Field Inventory Management gives you control and custody to know where your inventory is at a given time. It is a mobile-first cloud system that allows real-time users to understand the state and location of stock. Additionally, Field Inventory Management controls the inventory inside and outside the warehouse. It offers easy mobile solutions to help as it is easy – to adopt a user interface. The multi-language support feature provides flexibility to the users as they can use different support options. Read this article to learn more.

The Field Inventory Management offers a reliable system to customers. It allows the customer to track orders and inventory using a real-time method accessible on the mobile device.


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