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IM Academy

IM Academy is an education service that teaches Forex traders how to trade currency pairs. They provide instructional videos and training materials that teach them how to set up accounts, enter trades and manage risk. Their lessons include tutorials on technical analysis and fundamental analysis methods used to identify market trends and forecast future price movements.

Since 2013, the founders of IM Academy have continued to expand IM’s reach through various strategic partnerships. Today, IM Academy offers extensive educational programs designed to help users achieve financial success and independence. These courses include live forex training, self-improvement seminars, and professional development workshops. In addition to these offerings, IM Academy provides access to premium resources to help traders maximize profits and minimize losses. Whether you’re interested in learning how to trade forex, managing your investments, or improving your finances, IM has something for everyone.

IM prides itself on maintaining a remote working model for its employees. To save costs on office space and corporate rentals, it ensured that none of its employees lived within driving distance of each other, allowing them to work from wherever they please, whether at home or on location. Without geographical limitations, it could hire the best people without worrying about locations. Due to the pandemic crisis, the company’s operations were severely disrupted, thus necessitating the implementation of an entirely new model. However, through the efforts of the team leader, the company was able to adapt quickly to these circumstances by restructuring the organization’s policies, procedures, and workflow. To maintain continuity, the company instituted a strategy to minimize the disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Go to this page to read some amazing reviews about them.

The GoLive interactive sessions at the Academy show beginners everything they need to know about forex trading and how to incorporate them into a profitable strategy. These tutorials also include live online coaching sessions where traders can ask questions and receive answers immediately from expert mentors. By watching these tutorials and participating in the interactive coaching sessions, students learn to trade successfully.


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