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IM Academy Offers Ideal Academies

In 2013, Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre co-founded the IM Academy, which involves teaching foreign exchange trade. Since i9ts inception, the company has gained approximately 225000 active users. The aim is to ensure that users, or customers, interactive access training to equip them with skills they could use to perform trading independently.

Therefore, IM Academy has established a library of pre-recorded materials and content posted on its app to ensure that users have access to rich data for their training. Furthermore, all these training sessions are performed online, and they don’t depend on physical classrooms to offer the training. Therefore, customers can access the training from any part of the world and benefit from their rich resources.

IM Academy ensures that its training program is made more accessible and systematic through its four distinct trading programs. One can subscribe to one or all the programs. For example, as a beginner in foreign exchange trading, one can subscribe to a particular program, FRX academy. The four programs that are offered include FRX, FXH, DCX, and ECX.

When users subscribe to all these programs, they are offered a 54% discount on an initial subscription. Also, they will be guaranteed a 48% discount on every monthly subscription they take. These discounts are compared to when the user would choose to take a single program. In addition, for every program, learning takes place y access to interactive online sessions delivered by an IM trainer or IM educator. These sessions are referred to as GoLive sessions.

All the training programs offered at IM Academy have meaning. Like said earlier, FRX academy is for the newbies. HFX academy trains students on high-frequency exchange, DCX on digital currency exchange, while ECX academy teaches e-commerce and develops online business. At the end of every session, there are quizzes to confirm if the student understands the course. Go to this page on LinkedIn, for more information.


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