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How to be Successful as a Trader with IM Academy

IM Academy is an online platform that provides digital education in relation to forex trading. It has built accessibility to a large pool of educational resources. The resources are available on the academy’s website. Students can gain access through monthly subscription. The subscription gives the students to all resources available at the academies chosen.

Structure of IM

IM Academy has numbered its courses into four academies. The academies teach on courses like high frequency currency exchange, foreign currency exchange and e-commerce market. Each academy has a specific subscription that a student has to pay to gain access. IM Academy has the option for students who want to learn all courses. They have a discount package known as the elite academy. The discount involves a 54% off on the initial subscription and 48% off on each month’s subscription.

Study the Lessons

Attaining success at IM requires that students go through the whole lesson plan. The first step in the lesson plan is studying the lessons. The lessons are contained in pre-recorded video modules. IM online educators take students through comprehensive information on each topic. Each academy has a different number of video modules for students to cover. The video recordings depend on the complexity of the lesson. Some subjects have less than 30 while others have more than 60 video modules.

Go through the Live Sessions

IM Academy trains its students through video recordings and GoLive sessions. After completion of the study lessons, a student has to participate in a live session. The IM live sessions are practical real-life sessions. The sessions enable students to practice what they have learnt in the video modules. The sessions also allow students to see their educators’ trade and use different analysis. This case study lessons help them shape their skills and learn practically from their mistakes. Students can ask questions and get answers from their educators. The sessions are available at all times of the day.

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