How Georgette Mulheir Uses Her Foundation to Bring Positive Changes to Haiti

Georgette Mulheir has gained a lot of popularity because of her efforts to bring positive changes to Haiti. She advocates for the changes through Defend Haiti Democracy, an organization she started a while back. The organization has been promising different strategies to end Haiti’s current crisis and restore democracy in the country. Unfortunately, according to Georgette, there have been disruptions in the democratic structures in different levels of government since the 2020 disputed elections. 


As a result, she fears that the country might be falling into a dictatorship. Georgette Mulheir is concerned that the ongoing violence in Haiti might be a strategy to silence the people. Therefore, she started the organization to advise residents and let them know they could contact their leaders. She also plans to speak against government-planned killings, which she says are crimes against humanity (Muckrack). 


Mulheir hopes that there will be a peaceful transition of power through her intervention. Defend Haiti Democracy’s primary objective is to convince the international community to intervene and end the impunity around the country. Through the organization, she hopes to stop the abductions and attacks around the country. Georgette Mulheir lived for some time in England before moving to Romania. While in the country, she worked for a human rights organization that helped reduce the number of children in orphanages. Mulheir moved to Haiti seven years ago, and she has been committed to protecting vulnerable families and children in the country. However, her current mission is to try and bring an end to the political crisis in Haiti through her organization.

Follow up on Georgette Mulheir´s activism in Haiti