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How Alejandro Betancourt Harnesses the Power of Innovation

Being successful in the world of business requires a lot of factors and skills, however, perhaps none are as important as innovation. This has been the case in the career of Alejandro Betancourt who has become known for his innovative approach to business in a variety of industries. While he is best known for his involvement with Hawkers, a fashion brand of sunglasses, he has also been active in other areas such as renewable energy, and his online staffing agency Jobandtalent.

The Power of Social Media

One of Alejandro Betancourt’s biggest keys to success was his understanding of social media, and what a powerful tool for branding it can be. He used this strategy to make Hawkers an internationally known brand by funding aggressive social media campaigns. As a result, the company has market shares across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Understanding just what a powerful tool social media is, Alejandro Betancourt once again leveraged it to promote his latest venture, Jobandtalent. The digital staffing agency currently has over 10 million registered users seeking employment, and over 150,000 businesses that use it for recruitment. This success is thanks in large part to Betancourt’s cunning online marketing strategies.

New Ways of Solving Problems

One of the biggest focuses for Alejandro Betancourt when he takes on a new venture is to approach it from a problem-solving perspective. He then thinks outside the box to see what kind of technology could be used to solve the problems that are present. This was one of his main reasons for becoming a backer of both Hawkers and Jobandtalent.

Speaking on Jobandtalent’s future, Alejandro Betancourt has expressed great excitement and is proud of its current expansion into Europe, Mexico, and Columbia. It is clear that under Betancourt’s guidance, the companies that he’s involved with will continue to expand and reach even higher levels of success.

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