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Gordonstoun School Exemplary Performance

Dr. Kurt Hahn is a recognized educational thinker.

He is popularly known for his exceptional contribution to the honorary Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which he created in Gordonstoun with Prince Philip.

The award was developed in Gordonstoun, a co-educational school located in Elgin, Scotland but has penetrated over 150 countries.

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Hahn is also the founder of the prestigious Gordonstoun school.

Gordonstoun school is a respected school that is known not only to prepare students for exams but also shapes them for life.

From its motto, “there is more in you,” the school encourages students to grow beyond the educational borders to be exceptional humans.

Apart from being the developer of the Duke of Edinburgh award, the school boasts of creating the Outward Bound movement and providing a world-class outdoor educational program.

One reason that makes Gordonstoun outstanding is that it’s based on the notion that the broader the experience, the broader the mind.

Hahn was born to a Jewish family; his personality, dominated by integrity and morality, can be credited to the exceptional pedagogical philosophies that he nurtured while at Heidelberg and Gottingen Universities.

He also attended Oxford University, which shaped his worldwide view.

He was inspired by Plato’s Republic and the British public school system with a unique and exciting culture.

His substantial participation in World War I paved the way for him to join senior educational administration formally.

During World War I, he spoke against the Nazi Party, which led him to flee Germany because his life was in danger.

He then created the Salem School in Germany with Prince Max, a former German Chancellor.

After fleeing, Hahn went to Moray, Scotland, and founded the school.

Hahn established himself well, and due to his passion for developing young minds and transfer of knowledge, he received the necessary financial support to develop the Salem School of Gordonstoun.

One notable alumna of the school is Prince Phillip, who earned the Moray Badge.

Hahn created the award for the exceptional students who improved wholistically.

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