From Myth to Reality: Masks in the era of COVID-19 According to Tom S Chang MD

Tom S Chang MD is a medical Practitioner who has been in the medical field for several years. And has taken up so many roles in the medical industry, from being an entrepreneur to a managing partner at the Acuity Eye Group.  “Mask Myths Debunked” explores common arguments against wearing masks. Tom S Chang MD explains that the wearing of face coverings has become a hot button issue, with public safety and government mandates often clashing with rumors and personal beliefs. Through reviewing three common misconceptions about masks, this article provides information grounded in facts to help create informed decisions.

First explored is the belief that cloth masks are not able to filter small enough particles in order to block infectious droplets. The article explains that even a washcloth held over the face significantly reduces the flow of droplets. Tom S Chang MD explains that through a cloth mask may not bring emissions to zero, they provide enough of a barrier to dramatically reduce the risk of spreading infection. Secondly, even those who are willing to mask up when sick may be reluctant to do so when healthy. 

This highlights the misconception that only people with symptoms can spread COVID-19. In reality, COVID-19 is easily spread by people in the early, symptomless stages of the virus. Wearing a face covering everyday thus helps to slow the spread of COVID-19. For Tom S Chang MD, the final myth describes the fear that carbon dioxide breathed into a mask can lead to illness. As the article explains, masks allow the release of carbon dioxide and should not lead to difficulty breathing. Research and real world examples are provided as supporting evidence, and “Mask Myths Debunked” finishes strongly with the argument that mask wearing is an easy and effective way that anyone can be a part of the fight against COVID-19.

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