Eric Lefkofsky Venture into the Entrepreneurial Industry

Eric Lefkofsy falls into the class of the self-made billionaires, having ventured into business while he was still in college. He had his friend start an internet company specializing in promotional products before selling it to Halo Industries, and later taking him as the chief operating officer. Eric Lefkofsky began to learn from how businesses are run and how to appreciate the customers. He also had massive interest when he and Keywell founded Mediabank, where they were keen to provide technology for advertising buyers’ products. 

Being a risk-taker and a goal-getter in whatever he aimed at, Eric Lefkofsky also invested in LLC, an analytic company, before leaving and starting his own company. Tempus was founded in 2016 and has been operational since then. Tempus has been technologically set and advanced to offer the best quality service. Eric Lefkofsky has geared Tempus to provide the best-personalized cancer care to patients as the company CEO. He has also been instrumental in serving the community, especially in education and donor charities. With his wife Liz, they have the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. 

The charitable trust initiative has been keen to strive and achieve some goals, including ensuring access to quality education, especially for the smaller middle-aged children, and fighting for the women and girls who suffered through violence. The foundation has also partnered with other well wishers since its inception to help the communities. Eric Lefkofsky also serves in different capacities, especially as the board of directors. Some of these organizations are at Children’s Memorial Hospital, which is situated in Chicago. Through his experience in technology, he has been honored as a board member of World Business Chicago and served as co-chairman of its technology council.


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