Dr. Chris Brummer Lands New Role At IIEL

The Institute of International Economic Law has always served as the leading center for International law and policy worldwide. The institute situated at the famous Georgetown University was founded in 1999 by the late John H. Jackson, a university professor.

The Institution’s objective is to convene stakeholders’ meetings and host conferences that bring together the public and private sector leaders. It also offers executive education on the vast array of subjects partaking in the law of international economic activities. And to add to that, it also conducts thoughtful and scholarly research on the same subject.

The institute’s success is tremendous, having increased its portfolio tremendously, from primarily focusing on trade to currently covering a wide variety of subjects, such as financial regulation, tax, investment and arbitration, and business and monetary law.

The institute most of the time approaches these subjects as interrelated issues and even sometimes ends up crossing over policy spheres that influence how the law is divided, practiced, and enforced in different parts of the world.

Why Professor Chris Brummer

Professor Chris Brummer was recently appointed as the Institute of International Economic Law director and will bring a wealth of experience to the role.

For starters, Professor Chris Brummer is currently a law professor and a Faculty Director at Georgetown Institute of International Economic Law.

The University is famous for its prowess in international law. It offers its students a wide array of international economic law courses and offers them the opportunity to interact with top scholars and policymakers.

Professor Chris Brummer is also famous for his great work in policy matters, such as when he worked as a member of the National Adjudicatory Council of FINRA and managed to contribute to the advancement of investor protection.

Besides that, Professor Chris Brummer is also the great innovative mind behind the fintech week. This event brings industry leaders and those in the financial and regulatory field together to spark conversations about policy and regulation.