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Dr. Barry Lall Taking Care of Humanity

After finding success as a medical professional, Dr. Barry Lall decided to follow his dreams. Years of job security nurtured the nagging fears that an economically hesitant upbringing had rooted. Finding foundation in his international medical education, Dr. Bharat Lall found the American immigrants dream. Having moved with his family to the United States to complete his internship, he realized that caring for humans was hard. In 1989, Dr. Lall received his dream in the form of a rundown California motel. With the support of his family, he found his calling. The skills and bedside manner that Dr. Lall learned in medical school prepared him for his new life. He knew, better than most, just what the weary traveler needed.

Dr. Lall took to making his 12 room motor lodge a learning experience. Taking his former skills and his new set of skills, moved his family to Arizona, acquiring a slightly bigger Days Inn. His dream had grown and now included a restaurant. By 1998 he had incorporated Pinnacle Hotels and made it a point to take less than stellar hotels and turn them around. Being a good businessman was key to how big his dream became. Being a good listener gave him the approach he needed to take decisive action. Dr. Barry Lall was from a small village in southeastern Africa, the son of a teacher. In his teens, his family moved up to Zambia. Being an entrepreneur began with a clothing store that he opened after the move. Highly respected jobs that he saw as community pillars appealed to the young Lall. Feeling a passion for caring for others led him to become a well-educated medical professional. Dr. Barry Lall’s journey to becoming a doctor sent him from Africa to England to Scotland to see his dream in America.

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