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Andreas Hassellof of Ombori Joins Other Swedish Innovators in Hoisting Industries

Sweden is a small Scandinavian country that hosts various creative minds even though it commands only a small percentage of the global population. Andreas Hassellof is among these innovative minds who founded Ombori, thereby making waves in different sectors across the world.

Their influence is distributed across the technologies and services that define daily lives ranging from online gaming to music streaming, payment systems, and retail stalls. Andreas Hassellof believes that new ventures and other important tools are made in Sweden, and they quickly rise to become global ventures.

Formerly, it was called the Kingdom of Sweden, and this Nordic nation lies between Finland, Denmark, and Norway. Sweden spans 173,000 miles2 and 10.4 million people. Sweden started in the 19th century with Stenbeck and Wallenberg families, and these were household names who hold massive influence in the country’s markets, therefore, investing was a major figure in the entire economy.

In the past 200 years, savvy innovation and investment have had impressive results by transforming Sweden into the most creative nation in the world. Currently, Sweden hosts many companies’ headquarters that are rapidly shaping and determining the industry’s future and strategizing them as global leaders.

These famous firms attribute their success to Sweden’s economic platform. Therefore, the industrial section contributes massively to the GDP and employs about 17% of the workforce. The IT and telecommunications equipment sectors are important because they command a resounding 80.7% active workforce, and this translates into a massive GDP contribution.

Some of the globalized ventures in Sweden have become manufacturing, telecom giants, and retail, and their names are more familiar to a majority of readers. H&M, Volvo, Ombori and Ericsson are among the successful ventures experiencing the best economic growth statistics in Sweden in the past century. For example, Ericsson is based in Stockholm and was established in 1876. Ericsson has employed 100,000 workers and is valued at $45.64 million.

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