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 Alex Pissios Story of Success in the Film and TV industry

Alex Pissios is a Greek American entrepreneur who is best known for his work in the film industry. He has turned around the fortunes of Cinespace Chicago Film Studios to make it one of the largest independently owned film and television studios in North America. However, his journey to success has been challenging, but his resilience has made him overcome significant challenges, including becoming bankrupt in 2009 and 2010.

Under Pissios’ leadership, Cinespace has become one of the largest independently owned film and television studios. Cinespace has grown to over 50 stages, including a $100 million expansion that opened in 2014. One thing that sets Cinespace apart from other movie studios is its location. It is located in an urban rather than on a conventional movie set compound.

On the downside, a deal announced in 2017 saw Hollywood producer Joel Silver purchase Cinespace from its creditors for $25 million. The agreement allowed Silver and his group to take over the studio’s lease at West Lake Street and Cermak Road and build another eight sound stages at the studio complex. The expansion will increase their space from about 400,000 square feet to more than 1 million square feet by 2022.

Alex Pissios is also involved in a wide range of philanthropic work. He founded the Alex Pissios Foundation, which supports education and entrepreneurship programs for children worldwide. The foundation has also partnered with Child & Family Services to help provide foster care families with resources, including education and training on better care for foster children.

In the end, Alex Pissios’ story is of persistence and passion. He has worked hard over the years to build a business changing Chicago’s film industry. He has worked hard to make Chicago the destination for film and television production. We’re excited to see what’s next for Cinespace!


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