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Alex Pissios Enters the Atmosphere Again

In the city of Chicago, there’s always a little bit of something going on. Pissios is a new film production company set up to shoot its pilot, ‘Wizdom,’ in February. The show is set in a small town in Illinois, and Pissios is trying to find the right mix of sci-fi and non-sci-fi people who want to watch their show.

1. Former Cinespace CEO Alex Pissios to Executive Produce

Alex Pissios has come to the United States to work with the team at Cinespace as they continue to build their network of new and emerging filmmakers. He also has a background in the music industry, having been a founding member of the band ‘Voodoo,’ signed by Warner Music Group.

2. Enter the Futuristic World of Wizdom

Wizdom is a new sci-fi television show that Cinespace will produce. The show will be shot at the Cinespace studio in Chicago and will see an injection of sci-fi talent into the network. The pilot episode will feature a mix of action, adventure, and drama with plenty of futuristic elements. If you like Sci-Fi films and TV series such as ‘Star Trek’ or ‘Star Wars, this show is for you.

3. All-Star Chicago-Based Cast and Crew Lead the Way

Alex Pissios says that show will be written by the team at Cinespace, and will see an all-star cast and crew from Chicago. The director is a Chicago native who has worked on many films and TV shows such as ‘The Twilight Zone, ‘Tales from the Crypt,’ and ‘Almost Human.’

Alex Pissios saysthat this is an excellent opportunity for you to get involved in the sci-fi world, and gain valuable experience in the industry. The show will see an injection of new talent into Cinespace, as well as give you the chance to work with some of your favorite actors and directors.

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