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 Alex a Molinaroli’s Views on Sustainability

Alex A Molinaroli addresses the issue concerning urbanization. Urbanization has continued to spread at a fast rate globally, and this has brought urgent needs like cleaner energy generation and more efficient use of energy. Alex suggests that the public and private sectors must partner to implement best practice policies and projects to enhance urban sustainability.

As urbanization leads to more buildings in cities and towns to accommodate more people, Alex A Molinaroli suggests that construction companies should uphold policies that improve building energy efficiency. These policies include adopting sustainable construction policies, embracing innovative financial programs, coordinating efforts with local utilities, and ensuring that the public and private sectors have established retrofit programs for their buildings. Molinaroli notes that not many cities globally have implemented the above policies.

Alex A Molinaroli assures us that many programs are in support of the Building Efficiency Accelerator. The Building Efficiency Accelerator is a program that focuses on doubling the rate of energy efficiency in cities worldwide and is in partnership with the World Resources Institute, the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All, and other industries like Johnson Controls.

Molinaroli states that Mexico City is among the first cities to embrace the Building Efficiency Accelerator program. The mayor of Mexico City announced that the city would adopt building energy efficiency in local construction codes, retrofit municipal buildings, and install solar panels for heating water in hospitals. These policies have been supported by the city’s federal government and private sector.

Alex states that it is the responsibility of leaders to ensure that they promote the quality of life for city residents. He suggests that leaders should be able to create platforms that address the current global challenges like economic development, global climate change, and increasing urban efficiency. Through global partnerships and collaboration of the private and public sectors, Alex believes implementing energy efficiency programs in cities will be easier and more effective. Learn more about Alex Molinaroli

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