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Advantages Of Getting Tested for Strep and Flu in Sameday Health

Millions of Americans are affected by flu and strep throat. Sameday Health has added to its overall health and wellness services strep and flu testing. Recognizing that a patient receiving a positive diagnosis will assist in providing faster relief to the symptoms and curbing their spread. Three of the California clinics on Sameday Health currently offer strep and flu testing. The Sameday Health clinics are Venice, Los Felize and Long Beach. People who test for strep and flu experience benefits such as:

Symptom Relief

The right treatment can help relieve painful and uncomfortable symptoms. If it is strep, antibiotics can assist avoid potential complications like tonsil infection or sinusitis and alleviate sore throat pain. If it is flu, using an antihistamine will help relieve sneezing and nasal discharge, whereas OTC decongestant minimizes swelling in the nose.

Proper Treatment

Determining whether the patient has the flu or strep will assist the medical experts to put in the appropriate actions and, if needed, prescribing the proper medication. Strep can be treated with antibiotics, but flu you cannot. For flu symptoms, a physician may choose to treat the symptoms with OTC drugs or prescribe an antiviral medication.

Serious Illness Prevention

If you fail to treat strep throat, it may result in more severe illnesses such as pneumonia, ear infections, rheumatic fever, meningitis, or toxic shock syndrome. Even leaving the flu untreated can be dangerous and cause complications, including bronchitis, chronic ear infections, pneumonia, and sinusitis.

Reduced Spread

The higher the number of patients that seek strep and flu testing and get proper treatment afterward, the lower the number of contagious illnesses that will spread. Since flu and strep illnesses spread fast, getting positive results from the patients can help support the decision to rapidly implement the prevention of the infection and put in place control measures in high-risk areas like hospitals, summer camps, schools, and nursing homes.

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