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Zilch Update from CEO Philip Belamant

Philip Belamant is the founder and CEO of the double unicorn fintech Zilch. He was recently valued at over 2billion dollars as a successful, business entrepreneur. Philip Belamant developed two other successful fintech companies, that were eventually sold. His very first business expanded into 15 different countries and it drew in 20 million customers. This company provided additional mobile payment services for its users across Africa, Europe and India. In South Africa, this was the first cash to Mastercard system devised for Uber.

Philip Belamant was honored as Great Britain’s Entrepreneur of the year, in 2021. He earned this title for leading Zilch to the top, with its successful Buy Now Pay Later(BNPL)payment plan.

In the United Kingdom, London based Zilch is attempting to define its sector. It finally surpassed its milestone for 1 million customers. And Zilch just recently reached over 40-million dollars in sales, in the United States. Zilch enables an individual to conveniently shop, wherever a Mastercard is being accepted.

The most important matter is how a person considered BNPL as a means to obtain products. It’s not simply just an add-on feature for an app or on a bank card.

Any traditional credit cares offer a cash limit that’s not according to a customer’s ability to pay this money back. This creates a borrowing system that includes various interest charges and also a late payment fee.

With Zilch, BNPL plan will only work if the customer is able to repay the amount they have borrowed. This system offers a completely transparent alternative, centered around a structured repayment plan. And this service includes zero interest charges and no hidden fees are added on.

Zilch has devised a fixed fee per transaction that comes from the retailer. This total amount also includes advertising and affiliate commissions.

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