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Tieks is a shoe designing company founded in the late 1960s by a young man named Tieks. It is a shoe brand that sells high-quality shoes and accessories made from natural materials. They have been known for its stylish and comfortable shoes for men and women and its athletic shoes. This company is based in London but also has a presence in the USA and other countries.

Since the brand is an online store, one can only purchase them via their website, Boutiek. However, an individual can also buy and sell second-hand or new shoes on social media platforms like Facebook and Poshmark. Sure, Tieks distinguishes itself in shipping the ordered shoes for you.

How Tieks Sizing Works?

Tieks has a perfect sizing system that is pretty simple and easy to understand. They use a number system to size their shoes. The first number is the size of the shoe in centimeters, the second number is in half centimeters, and the third number is for your height in centimeters. The numbers correspond to the sizes of shoes that are available. The size range for men is 1-10, and for women, it’s 1-12.

What are the features?

Tieks has also made sure that they have used eco-friendly materials and have been made from recycled materials. Their shoes have been known for their durability and comfortability, which is why they have become very popular among their customers.

Tieks, Foot Sweat, and Odor

Their shoes are very good at wicking moisture away from the feet. This is an excellent feature because many people have sweaty feet, which can be a problem. It’s also been said that their shoes have a powerful odor, which is why they are not suitable for wearing in public places when there are other people around.

They have been making high-quality shoes for many years, and they are still going strong. The company has made its boots stand out from the competition by using natural eco-friendly materials. They have also made sure that they have an excellent sizing system that is easy to understand. The shoes have also been known for their durability and comfortability. Visit this page for related information.


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