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Ryan Bishti Night Club Designer Extraordinaire

Anyone who is anyone and knows what they want uses the skills of world renowned Ryan Bishti to design their nightclub. Ryan Bishti, CEO of the extraordinary Cirque Le Soir, makes any club-owner’s club look like no other through a unique style of design and very tastefully fun features. Come away with clubs that make other clubs pale in comparison. Constantly changing the look and feel of a venue, is a necessary part of keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of the club scene. 


A club patron is not obliged to stay put and may venture across town to the “better” location and be a part of the better more exhilarating choice if they aren’t experiencing a club’s pull to stay put. These hip-hop club-hoppers may see something new and unique, but they won’t necessarily get a safe professionally designed club experience unless they are in one of Ryan Bishti’s expertly designed clubs all equipped with the best sound system designs and equipment, much sought after hip-hop artists, strategically placed video monitors, colored lights, and roomy dance floors spaces.


 In addition to the aforementioned, security is of utmost importance and is at the top of the list of “must-haves” to assure that the club’s guests are as safe as possible dancing the night away while taking in the sounds of some of the world’s best DJ’s and performers, and occasionally a new hit or two. Connect your club with the best today. Assure a greater experience is at hand. Make sure guests don’t pay extra costs for drinks that are not worth drinking by assuring that the best bars are stocked with only the best liquor on hand and that those serving you are there to please and make for a take-away experience. 

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