NumbersUSA is an entity that focuses on balancing immigration numbers. The organization has the task of evaluating all cases of immigration and ensuring that such occurrences remain sustainable. The organization started in 1996, with the founder being a man named Roy Beck. The source of idea for creating this organization originated from two congressional committees. Specifically, the entities involved in this process involved the Commission on Reform and The Task Force on Population and Consumption.

The organization also started on the backdrop of increasing and unsustainable immigration numbers in the USA. While immigrants are inevitable in the organization, the NumbersUSA organization focused on reducing them to sustainable levels. The organization’s decision came from considering the immigrants’ environmental and economic side effects. The research conducted by this organization stated that lowering these numbers in the community might have been a crucial initiative.

While the NumbersUSA focuses on reducing the immigration numbers to sustainable levels in the USA, they also realize the importance of diversity. A diverse social nation makes development and social enlightenment a feasible task. The organization works alongside other governmental entities to develop initiatives that will offer optimal value to citizens and residents. The organization’s core values involve improving the average quality of life that future generations will experience. Part of this process involves taking a proactive level in managing the population levels. It also involves extensive research with various parties and agencies, such as border control agencies. Most of the funding for this organization also comes from the state.

One of the initiatives that the organization has created is the E-verify system. It’s a regulation that requires all USA staff members to undergo a verification process for working legally in the country. The country also processes over 50,000 green cards each day, and the role of this process is to choose immigrant candidates based on an informed approach. Visit this page for more information.


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