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Mitto AG Recent Study

Mitto AG, a privately-owned Swiss company with an office in the US, has surveyed Americans’ attitudes toward customer satisfaction. This survey shows that most (76%) Americans think that “having to wait longer than expected for delivery” is more detrimental than having to deal with “bad customer service.

BFT Mitto 2 remote control,

The company was founded by two friends, Ilja Gorelik and Florian Moser, who met at a startup event in Zurich. In 2016, they became official partners and each invested CHF 20’000 into the business. During this time, the idea is to create a shared electric scooter with an automatic parking system on board that can be rented through the mobile app of Mitto AG. Ilja Gorelik and Florian Moser are the main creators of this idea.

Spanish sustainability fintech Mitto to launch in UK next year - FinTech Futures

In 2015, Mitto received second place at the Swiss Startup Awards. Mitto’s first product was launched for $1. Mitto AG was named “Most Promising Startup” at the Swiss Startup Awards in 2016. It was awarded the “Best of Swiss Apps” award in 2017 and the Winner of the Innovation Award in 2018. It was also listed in the Apple App Store’s “Best New Apps.”

Investors are pessimistic about the possibility of Mitto AG being successful. Mitto AG has been working hard to improve its customer service and increase the company’s revenue by selling more products.

About Us

Mitto is an international group of experts in the field of digital marketing, creating and testing the most effective strategies to reach new clients. Our team has more than 150 full-time employees and is always looking for new talent. We have worked with multiple companies worldwide, such as Coca-Cola, Air France, and many others. We are constantly looking for new and innovative advertising methods.

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