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Krishen Iyer Keeps His Star on the Rise

Not many entrepreneurs have the luck or skill of being triumphant right after walking across their graduation stage. Krishen Iyer is one of the few to have accomplished this purpose. First as the founder and CEO of Managed Benefit Services (MBS,) as well as through his insurance company Name my Premium (MNP). Successful businessman, CEO and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer tackled his next project with the same tenacity as he had previously. 


MAIS Consulting is headquartered in Encinitas, California focusing on improving a company’s ability to market themselves and implement strategic development strategies for business growth. Led by Krishen Iyer, while the business focuses on the northern part of San Diego County, they have developed quite a reputation across the state. Krishen Iyer understands that no two companies need the same solution. 


With this in mind he has developed a knack for creating solutions that are tailored to a specific client’s needs. Not to mention, he is not in the habit of biting off more than he can chew. By creating this limit each client is assured that their project is getting the time and attention it deserves (Praguepost).

Despite everything he has accomplished, Krishen Iyer is a big believer in having some balance in his life. Being able to spend quality time with the people and community projects he loves gives a complete sense of being a well-rounded person. Some of Krishen Iyre´s pursuits include the Make-AWish foundation as well as providing assistance to those affected by natural disasters. Krishen Iyer treasures a harmonious balance that keeps him grounded and ready to tackle his passions. In and out of the office.

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