Dr. Imran Haque Brings Better Healthcare to North Carolina

Imran Haque is an admired and honored doctor in North Carolina. He went to the Universidad Iberoamericana where he got his degree in Medicine. Later on, he joined the University of Virginia for his Doctor of Medicine where he specialized in Internal Medicine. After that, he got his license to practice as a physician. He did not just settle for one career and hence registered for the Maintenance of Certification Program and became an internist.

Dr. Imran is both as a doctor and an internist. He has founded Horizon Internal Medicine which operates in Ramseur and Asheboro. Having trained for so many years, he has gained reputable knowledge and skills in his career. This is evident by how he cares for the needs of his patients and works towards finding cures to their various disease. Some of his services to the patients include laser 360 resurfacing, dermal fillers treatment and venus body contouring, managing weight and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and much more.

It is self-rewarding how his patients have grown to trust him even to the point of having him as a family doctor. One of his best qualities is the honesty that lives within his soul. Imran Haque does not promise what he cannot give and hence when approached with special diseases out of his service, he refers them to other physicians he can trust and Imran’s lacrosse camp.

All through his career, Imran Haque has received many accolades such as being recognized as a compassionate doctor. This is normally awarded to appreciate doctors who are kind and understanding to the needs of their patients to commend doctors who treat their patients with the highest level of kindness and what Imran knows.

Dr. Imran has a powerful team of young doctors and qualified staff who help in the successful management of Horizon Internal Medicine facilities. The people of North Carolina are therefore assured of a healthy society and https://www.crunchbase.com/person/dr-imran-haque#/entity.

Sawyer Howitt: Telling Young Entrepreneurs Its Possible To Thrive

Millennials are becoming very interested in becoming entrepreneurs. However, they don’t often get the proper respect from baby boomer business executives and may often face backlash. Some executives say that experience only comes with age. They often see young people as lazy and unprofessional.

Sawyer Howitt is one millennial entrepreneur who may face these feelings shared by baby boomers. Making baby boomers aware of the business skills that millennials may have gained over the course of their lives.

Most millennials who start their own business are often in their early 20s. Those in their 50s and 60s start their own businesses when they were 35. Millennials are bringing in larger profits. Sawyer Howitt has pinpointed five ways entrepreneur can stand up to ageism attacks.

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Sawyer Howitt says millennial entrepreneurs must prove their value. The only way millennials can prove their value is through their work. Speak up about your accomplishments during the proper time. Working efficiently and diligently will make your results speak for themselves. Sawyer Howitt also says that millennials must also market themselves. If you don’t speak out about your accomplishments, you may be passed up for promotions. Your boss may not see what you have done, if you don’t mention it. Highlight your accomplishments during your annual reviews.

Sawyer Howitt also says you must be honest, admit to yourself you don’t know everything. Everyone learns something new every day. If you act like a know-it-all you will set yourself up to fail. Show your company that you know how to find the tools to get a job done even if you are working in an unfamiliar field. Millennials should not give up, when those baby bommers look down at you, show them that you can be a strong asset to the team. According to crunchbase.com millennials are often able to work late and work on the weekends. Most even are not tied down by family and can leave for a trip at any moment. Sawyer Howitt also recommends entrepreneurs pay attention to the culture of the company, when they hire workers. The wrong fit can cause a rift within the company.

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