Julie Zuckerberg Is a Revolutionary Recruiter

The process of recruiting is very important for businesses that have a lot of needs but don’t have the options that smaller businesses have. For that reason, they have to find someone who is able to help them with all of the recruiting problems that they may face. For the Deutsche Bank, it’s Julie Zuckerberg. She is one of the top recruiting specialists with the company and that has allowed them to grow to massive proportions. While she has been able to do a lot for the company, she did not always work for them. Before she worked with Deutsche Bank, she worked with New York Life Insurance Company.


The insurance job was one that she held after only being out of college for a little over a decade. It was something that she enjoyed but was not something that she was passionate about. She was more interested in the financial aspect of things and truly preferred working in the banking industry as opposed to working with insurance companies and other entities. She found that she was better suited to these positions to help with the recruiting because of the experience that she had. It was something that allowed her to branch out with the options that she had.


Citi was one of the first companies that she worked for and she was very successful there. She tried to make sure that she was making all of the right decisions and that allowed her the chance to show off the skills that she had. Because of the way that she was doing things and the options that she had with recruiting, she knew that Citi would be a great place for her to stay but it was not necessarily something that she wanted to do for the rest of her career. She wanted to experience more.


Before any of this happened, she attended college at the City University of New York. While her major was in philosophy, she wanted to do more with the career that she had. For that reason, she went to law school and earned a degree there. Right out of college, she started a great job that allowed her to see the different aspects of management and the options that she had when it came to the recruiting opportunities that were available for people who were coming into the business so that they could learn more about what they had.


When Julie Zuckerberg finally joined Deutsche Bank, she felt that she had found a home. Not only is she great at the recruiting aspect of the company but she has also made great strides with the plans that she has implemented there. It has allowed her the chance to see that she is able to do more with the opportunities that she has and with the options that she can use to make things better for herself. There are many ways that the Deutsche Bank has brought about major change for her and with the plans that she has.