Beneful Offering Grain-Free Alternatives for Dogs

Beneful, one of the leading brands under Purina dog food, released a line of dog food catering to owners searching for grain-free alternative food for their canine companions. With more research complimenting the benefits of grain-free food, Beneful has responded to the market demand by offering dog food using premium ingredients like real chicken, blueberries, spinach and assortment of nutrient rich organic foods. Some of the benefits of switching to grain-free food include: increased energy, improved dog breath, and a healthier coat of hair. Dog owners who have switched to Beneful’s grain free dog food noticed an improved appetite in their canines despite having a history of being picky with the food they eat thus helping dogs put on a healthy amount of weight. Researchers attribute the change in health and appetite with the replacement of low-quality meat to premium protein along with a focus on nutrient dense ingredients and more information click here.

The Growth of Jeremy Goldstein Legal Practice through Lawyer Referral and Information Service

The New York State Bar Association was established in 1876 for client referral services to help in court cases ranging from crime, commercial suites to social disputes. The seamless matching of clients to their corresponding lawyers is done through the Lawyer Referral and Information Service which is an online portal that has just been recently developed. They system guarantees confidentiality through the accessible web spaces; and the telephone service available during working hours at 1-800-342-3661.


The legal expert in the matter about management compensation, Jeremy Goldstein through his company Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC has received a lot of referral clients from the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS. Concisely the service works by simply logging into the website and fill up an easy to understand questionnaire, which is later reviewed and matchmaking is done to the attorney/counsel within your county. The referral is done free of charge, but a fee usually applies after the first consultation unless the pending dispute relates to issues medicine, personal accident, employment or compensation and better still about the military.


About Jeremy Goldstein

He is the founder and CEO of Jeremy L. Goldstein Associates that was founded in 2014. As a partner at the Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz for about 14 years, he acquired resourceful apprehension on legal particulars about mergers, acquisitions, and compensation. He has also worked for the Shearman & Sterling LLP as an associate. The LRIS system has helped Jeremy Goldstein work with super lawyers and increase their clientele base.


Jeremy Goldstein studied Arts History from the Cornell University and mastered on the same at the University of Chicago in 1996. He has a Juris Doctor Law degree from the New York University School of Law. Jeremy speaks French fluently and volunteers at the Fountain House as a Director.


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Inspirey Completes An Interview With Bob Reina Of Talk Fusion

Inspirey asked Bob Reina what was his most satisfying moment in his business career. Mr. Reina said that having set personal goals and then seeing them come true has been immensely satisfying. Another great satisfaction of Bob Reina is seeing other people fulfill their goals and dreams. Bob Reina also says that he greatly enjoys supporting charities and giving a helping hand to those in need. Learn more:


Mr. Reina says that he has built a company that helps people create a better life for themselves. Ultimately, Bob Reina says that the single most satisfying thing in his business career is being able to witness the life transformations of his sales associates. He says it is truly incredible how his company has helped hundreds if not thousands of people across the world make a better living for themselves.


Next, Bob Reina was asked what he thinks is it that makes him successful in his business. Bob Reina says that he credits most of his success to having the courage to dream. He says that if you want to achieve your dream strongly enough, then you will put in a lot of effort and determination to working towards your goal. It all begins with dreaming and then working hard to achieve that dream. That often leads to success says Reina. Learn more:


He says that when he first started network marketing, he learned mostly through trial and error. It took a lot of time and a lot of mistakes to perfect his sales and marketing strategy. Since then, he has developed a system that works and built a team around that system. Having a dream is what pushed him through to the finish line and motivated him to stay focused.


After finding his own success, Bob Reina says he has shared his proven methods with his sales associates so they can also achieve a level of success. He says he always tries to think outside the norm to find ways to be innovative. Bob Reina says he also tries hard to avoid being complacent. If anyone tries hard, is innovative, avoids complacency and uses a method that works, then they are bound to succeed in business says Bob Reina. Learn more:


Learning a Bit More About Wild Ark’s Mark Hutchinson

Fans of Wild Ark tend to be quite enthusiastic about the whole experience. Wilk Ark is company whose singular vision takes a lot of different forms. They’re a group which works on environmental issues, helps people plan great vacations and in general is constantly working to help people enjoy or cherish the earth. However, the founder himself deserves quite a bit of praise as well. Learn more:


Much of what makes Wild Ark so special comes from Mark Hutchinson’s own life. Ask Mark about his earliest memories and it’s going to be stories about horse riding and fly-fishing in Australia. His early life was filled with outdoor adventure, so it’s little wonder that this became a central part of his life. He traveled the world in search of adventure, and even worked to help other people do the same. However, his true calling wouldn’t really show itself until 2015 when he founded Wilk Ark. The company is the culmination of his entire life’s experience. Obviously his time spent in the business world has made it into how the company is run. At the same time though, the real heart of Wild Ark comes from a love of nature. Mark has always loved nature and spent almost every free minute exploring it. In doing so he’s jumped to continents all over the world. But at the same time he’s also had a chance to see how difficult that process can be. And he’s had more than enough time to see how things could be improved in terms of environmental impact. Learn more:


Wild Ark is Mark’s implementation of a whole new way of doing things. His time in various parts of the world has convinced him that protecting natural preserves on a global level is of the utmost importance. He’s also come to understand that humanity is a part of nature. When people are removed from nature it acts to the detriment of both. By founding Wild Ark, Mark has been able to help rekindle that connection between people and nature. And in the process he’s been able to ensure that the process also helps to protect the beautiful lands that people are connecting with. He’s not only doing what he loves and helping others do the same. Mark has been able to ensure that the process helps to preserve that potential for future generations as well. Learn more:

Buffett’s Strategic Flaws

Warren Buffett, one of the foremost authorities in the investment universe, recently engaged in a bet for $1 million, for which the proceeds will be donated to a charity of the winner’s choosing. The wager, which was made between Mr. Buffett and a group of hedge fund managers, states that by investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund, Mr. Buffett would be able to achieve a greater return on investment than his counterparts. As the expiration date for the bet draws closer to an end, it seems as if Mr. Buffett will be successful in his claim and reap the benefits of the wager. While Warren Buffett’s status in the investment world is that of much success and acclaim, there are those out there that tend to disagree with Mr. Buffett’s strategy, despite his winning record and success with this recent wager. In Mr. Buffett’s estimation, today’s market it flooded with sub-par mutual funds that are both expensive and have little prospects for a significant yield. In recent history, Mr. Buffett has achieved a great portion of his success due to his willingness to analyze a prospective investment down to the finite details of the company, and although this strategy is tried and true, Timothy Armour, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group, sees flaws in Mr. Buffett’s methods. While Warren Buffett sees the path to long-term financial success through investment in low-cost mutual funds, Timothy Armour believes that although low-cost is a significant factor in long-term portfolio growth, investing in funds with high manager ownership is just as important. Traditionally, passive index funds have performed higher than their counterparts, but Armour challenges this notion, being that during market downturns, investors are exposed to 100 percent volatility. For a person investing in the very first S&P 500 passive index fund, their investment today would be exponential, but a person who invested that same amount in one of the top active funds today would have achieved a greater return and learn more about Timothy.

Timothy Armour is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group, having acquired that position after over 34 years in the field, all of which have been with Capital Group. He graduated from Middlebury College with a degree in economics in 1983, thereafter joining The Associates Program and beginning his foray with Capital Group and his Linkedin.

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