Fabletics Puts Emphasis on Customer Needs

The needs of their customers is the number one thing that Fabletics looks at. In fact, it is the sole purpose of their business. They designed the company to be able to help other people out and it has been able to do just that. Fabletics has done everything that they can for their customers and they continue to provide them with opportunities that will make their lives better. From clothes that are nearly perfect for working out to affordable price points and even shopping options that are extremely convenient, Fabletics knows the right way to cater to their demographic.


It can be hard for people, especially women, to find workout clothes that are comfortable, functional and fashionable. Add in a huge difference in sizes around the country and it is nearly impossible for every woman to be able to shop at the same store for their athletic clothing. Fabletics set out to change this. The company worked hard to create clothes that were on trend. Then, they added in performance fabrics to make sure that they would work well with those who were working out. After that, they became a size-inclusive brand that provides clothing options for nearly every size.


With all of these things in place, most would think that Fabletics would be expensive. While their introductory prices are rock-bottom, their regular prices are very affordable, too. This is all for clothing that has been engineered to work for specific sports, designed by a celebrity and offered at a low price. Fabletics does this because of the simple methods that they have for shopping and the following that they have amassed during the time that they have been in business. All of this has helped people to be able to afford things that they may not have been able to afford in the past.


Fabletics works to make things more convenient for everyone. They offer several different shopping styles and this has given the company the competitive edge that they need. It has also allowed them the chance to make sure that they are reaching all different types of women. When Fabletics first started, they were a subscription-only business. Now, they offer their subscription service, traditional online shopping, shopping through Amazon and even a brick and mortar store that people can visit when they’re not online. All of these options work together to combine the most convenient experience for all women.

David McDonald: Expanding The OSI Group’s Presence All Over The World

A multinational company which has operations in a number of countries sometimes has to be managed locally, as government regulations, cultural aspects and availability of employment can affect the operations of a company. That list of things to be considered also includes the consumer’s taste, especially in the food industry.

OSI Group, under the leadership of David McDonald OSI Group, has addressed these issues by appointing local management teams that would oversee their regional offices, who also have deep understanding with each other’s culture and taste.

OSI Group’s headquarters is situated in Aurora, Illinois, and is the world’s leading supplier of protein products such as beef patties and sausages. The company is also supplying other food items like pizza and sandwiches, operating in 17 countries has owns at least 50 facilities, and is currently expanding their presence in China. They have been operating in China for the past 20 years, and they will be opening a new facility in the country which would make them as the largest poultry producer. According to Bloomberg David McDonald stated that the company’s sustainability can be attributed to their large facilities, which has given them the chance to create products without dealing with any third party firms.

OSI Group is seen to expand in the future, acquiring smaller firms and taking them into the group. Among the recent acquisitions was with Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer of deli meat and convenience foods. OSI Group, being one of the leaders in their field, wanted to show the world how manufacturing has to be done.

David McDonald is currently serving as the President and the Chief Executive Officer at OSI Group. He has worked with a number of companies and organizations in the past, and among them was the North American Meat Institute, where he served as its chairman. Prior to his current post at the OSI Group, he has been working as the project manager for OSI industries, as well as the independent director of Marfrig Global Foods, when they acquired the operations of OSI Group in Europe and Brazil. He also serves as a member of the board of directors of OSI Group, and also appointed as the director of OSI International Foods for Australia. David McDonald graduated from the Iowa State University, where he got his degree in Animal Science.