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Franci Neely

Franci Neely is a businesswoman and author who, among other things, has a passion for creating inspiring content that will help you succeed.

Neely is a popular speaker and shares her thoughts on how to overcome the fear of failure and build confidence in your work.

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Most of all, she believes you should never regret going after your dream because change is the only constant in life.

With her insightful advice and personal story of overcoming adversity, you’ll come out with the message, “You are enough now.

Don’t let anything stop you from being exactly what you want and need to be.”

Franci Neely started her career at a young age, working as a receptionist in a law firm. She was timid and uncomfortable talking to people.

After one of her co-workers noticed her skills as a quick learner and high level of customer service, he decided to allow her to teach her how to interact with people for them to listen to what she had to say honestly.

So he caught her off-guard and asked her to help him in the office while he was out. When she finally saw his office, it turned out to be a mess.

The first time she went there, she was ready to run away crying because the place was a complete disaster.

However, the man who hired her offered some pointers on cleaning this room and taking care of it.

He also came up with some creative ideas to make this room his favorite spot at work.

Within a short time, he saw an improvement in her behavior, which made him feel more comfortable with the idea of giving her this important task.

From then on, she started to learn how to be a good manager by leading others.

She worked on herself as she went so she could be a leader.

In the process, she realized that meeting people’s expectations would push her forward in terms of moving ahead in life.

With her mentor’s help, she got better at her job and improved her communication skills.

Within just one year, she got promoted to a management position in a law firm.

She used this as a platform to launch herself into creating business opportunities.

Today, she is a self-made entrepreneur passionate about helping others break shackles that may be holding them back from achieving their goals.

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