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Dr. Alddo Molinar on Life and Medicine

Alddo Molinar is a physician based in Martins Ferry, Ohio. He is an anesthesiologist who serves as the President of Molinar Anesthesia Associates and Medical Director of Anesthesia at East Ohio Regional Hospital. He has also had training in neurological disorders as well as critical care treatment. Alddo Molinar brings 17 years of experience every day he is on the job. Dr. Molinar attended medical school at The University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas and also was trained at The Cleveland Clinic. 


The also neurologist and cardiologist is recognized as an expert in this field of practice. Molinar is renowned for his level of patient care, and he further is recognized for his rapport with individuals under his medical care. Dr. Alddo Molinar talks about his typical day involving surgery. He is up early and ready for whatever may occur. The anesthesiologist compares an operating room to a busy airport. His role is to ensure the patient is safe and prepared for surgery. 


Critical Care Medicine Expert Dr. Alddo Molinar


This involves constant monitoring both during and after surgery. He has prepared his entire work for this work which he calls a journey, not a destination. He was the first citizen of the United States in his family. He has more than fulfilled the dreams and aspirations of his family. His desire to be the best plays out every day in the East Ohio Regional Hospital. Specialized anesthesiologist and critical care medicine expert Dr. Alddo Molinar realizes that a physician can never become complacent. He must always stay motivated to increase the level of care he provides. Technology is an area that fascinates him. 

The use in medicine allows physicians to constantly improve. Dr. Alddo will never be content to rest on his laurels. There is always a higher place to achieve. Dr. Molinar has now taken to bringing balance to his life. As he says, no one tells a physician they are working too many hours. He values his family and spends time with them rather than be all consumed with his work. For Alddo Molinar, this all occurs with the framework of spending at least one hour a day reading about his profession and staying up to date with the latest in anesthesiology. There is no rest for a true professional.

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