Dr. Alddo Molinar: A Brilliant, Committed Medical Professional

The son of Mexican immigrants, Dr. Alddo Molinar was born in Texas. He attended the University of Texas Southwestern where he earned his medical degree. Molinar then went to the Cleveland Clinic to complete his residency. Today he’s East Ohio Regional Hospital’s Department of Anesthesiology chairman and medical director of anesthesia. Plus, he founded Molinar Anesthesia Consultants LLC in 2020 and serves as president. A very bright child, Alddo Molinar was inspired to go into medicine when his grandparents died of cancer. He wanted to use his intelligence and skills to prevent others from suffering. 


Top Notch Training And A Wife


Doing his residency at Cleveland Clinic not only gave Alddo Molinar excellent medical training, he also met his wife there. They both were residents at Cleveland Clinic. They are now a close-knit family with a son and two daughters. The specialized anesthesiologist calls them his new crew. Having a loving family has played a pivotal role in Alddo Molinar´s life. He said his ongoing journey for the betterment of himself and his family is built on the values he learned as a child. 


Alddo Molinar at ICU

A Typical Day


For Dr. Alddo Molinar a typical day starts at 5:15am. He sees his first patient at the hospital at 6:15am and is in surgery at 7:00am. Dr. Molinar is busy starting surgeries, finishing others and in the preadmission clinic seeing patients preparing for upcoming surgeries. He is constantly moving between the preoperative area, operating rooms, recovery rooms, postoperative floors and the intensive care unit. Alddo Molinar takes a coffee break at 10:00am to reflect and strategize. He also makes time to talk to patients and their families. Plus, he finds ways to serve his community by helping fight illnesses.


He Continues To Study


Dr. Molinar thinks continuing to study is incredibly important. He reads and studies for an hour daily for professional development. He finds a topic and delves into it in excruciating detail. Often it’s scholarly articles that help to maintain his great working fund of knowledge. Dr. Molinar discusses them with his colleagues to keep their collective knowledge base current.