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Betsy DeVos Has Many Goals in Mind

Just about everyone has a set of goals they would like to see implemented in life. Goals of all kinds are ways to add zest and a life’s calling. For Betsy DeVos, these are goals that have been in her life since she was a young woman. She knew early on that it would be possible to make the world around her different. She also knew that she could think about the world in different ways. For her, there was one area that was and continues to be close to her heart. That goal is remaking the world of educational policy in the United States. In her opinion, there are lots of things that need to happen in American education in order to make the world different. For her, she realizes that American educational policy needs to be far more responsive to the needs of American children and parents.


Creating New Pathways


New pathways of all kinds are one of the many things that Betsy DeVos would like to see done. For her, this means thinking about how schools in the United States are funded. School funding needs, in her opinion, to be rethought. That means allowing kids and parents to have access to the funding that has been set aside for their education by the state and local school districts. She has pushed to help ensure that such funding is being given directly to the students instead of being sent to administrators. That has been very much her promise to the people she works with every single day. She wants to help all kids locate schools that are going to help them become fully mature adults by the time they are done with their education. Betsy DeVos knows that she can help them with this important process.


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