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The famous Beach Hotel Merewether has found a new owner.

Andrew Lazarus, a well-established businessman in the hotel industry, bought it from the Bale and Twohill families after it being in their possession for the past 40 years.

Before the sale price had been disclosed, Andrew Lazarus had assured The Newcastle Herald that he was ready to do everything he could to own the hotel. And true to his words, he is the new owner of the Beach Hotel.

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The Lazarus family have been hoteliers for the last 30 years and formed the Eastern Hotels Group, but always had an eye for The Beach hotel.

The Eastern Hotels Group owns The Eastern in Bondi Junction, Shoal Bay Country Club, The Exchange Hotel, Hamilton, The Vauxhall Inn, Granville, and El Toro Hotel and Motor Inn, Warwick Farm.

Peter Lazarus, his brother, will be in charge of the daily activities of the Beach Hotel.

He is well-known for his renovation of the Shoal Bay Country Club.

The Beach Hotel, now referred to as the Newcastle Trophy Asset, has been popularized by Deane Moore of Moore and Moore Real Estate and Mike Wheatley of Knight Frank.

They have done proper marketing for the hotel.

The Beach Hotel has an eye-catching location because of its beach view.

It faces the Merewether surf beach.

The architectural design of the 1946 brick building is famous among the locals.

It has an art deco style which is expansive for 1858sqm.

It is a few minutes away from Newcastle city.

The Lazarus family has vowed to work with the community and the architects before deciding on the hotel’s refurbishment.

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