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Andrew Frame, The Creator Of Citizen App

Andrew Frame founded Citizen App in 2017, and he currently serves as its CEO. Citizen is an app that provides emergency help with location tracking data. Frame’s business headquarters is in New York, but he was born in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Frame began his career as an entrepreneur at the age of 15, starting his own internet service company. He went on after that to work in networking and software engineering. Andrew Frame soon landed a job at Cisco Systems as a support engineer in the late 1990s, and he was recruited to join a special worldwide group on networking architecture. While working at Cisco, Andrew Frame became the youngest person to earn the company’s technical certification, CCIE.

Andrew Frame has said that, when coming up with the idea for Citizen, he was searching for an idea that was driven by a meaningful mission that could improve the world. When contemplating this goal, he realized that the world lacked a free technology to help keep people safe in emergencies. This revelation drove him to create the Citizen app.

During the pandemic, Andrew Frame has spent most of his time in California, despite his headquarters being in New York, which is why the business still works on Eastern Standard Time. He likes to start every day with a cup of pour-over coffee while listening to a podcast before the first business meeting that takes place at 7 a.m.

Frame says that the global trend toward mobile computing excites him, and he believes that 4 billion mobile phones worldwide is only the beginning. He believes that phones should be doing much more to improve people’s lives, including keeping them safe. Frame says that his passions for poetry, literature and film help fuel his productivity at work. He also encourages his employees to pursue hobbies that enrich their lives so that they feel more inspired about their careers. Refer to this article for related information.


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